• Greenhouse Heated Dome Seating
  • Shaded Picnic Table Seating
  • $5 mountain-ghetto Mini-Golf 

This is what happens when You Buy A Girl A Food Truck. It’s not the prettiest or the most expensive - it’s even a little “ghetto” (or classic, which ever you prefer). It has been worked hard, it has character, and a lot of sass! Wait a minute… that sounds a lot like Rachel…

A little history. I carry the pride and honor of being the oldest daughter of four girls to a Fourth generation rancher. The family ranch homestead in 1873 is still a working ranch run by my incredibly hard working and well respected dad. He believed in me enough to invest in my future and my passion. I haven’t taken the easiest of roads or paths and at age 53, I’m working this dream with all I have. I always say ‘be careful what you dream’ because when it comes true you have to fight for that dream and work it every single day.

I was a single mom of two little girls when I dragged us from Creede to Denver to attend Chef School. Ignorance is bliss. Once again I dug deep and fought hard to get through that program so I could provide a better future for my girls and myself. There are a lot of journeys that took place from graduation in 1997 until 2015 when I opened KOKO the Food Truck, and then 2 years later I added the Coffee Can and our Mini Golf. So much I could fill a book. Lessons learned, addictions fed and ultimately defeated, and in the meantime dragging myself and daughters like tumbleweeds in the wind through all of it. Nothing like guilt and fear to make you want to do better, and ultimately be better. Which leads me to naming my truck and business. Keep On Keepin On aka KOKO because really what other choice is there? Give up is not in this girl. I have surrendered a few battles (that weren’t worth the blood) and walked away. But not with KOKO. I am building my business with love and valuable support from an incredible team that is now family.

~ Rachel

We’re all hot messes, but we get it done